Saturday, 7 September 2019

Mojo Pizza Review

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Pizza is sure loved by everyone. It was no where in India 10 years back but now even small towns have domino's and other pizza outlets. But, we always look for pizza which is the best and at lowest price. I have found one name "Mojo Pizza". Today, i will review it and you should read complete article. 

Best Pizza in Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune:

Food: 5/5

  • Believe me it is the Best pizza you will have.
  • They say they add 2x toppings and they literally do that.
  • There is lots of cheese.
  • Their sides has spectacular and mouth watering chocolava cake and it is cheaper too. 

Price: 4/5

  • They serve only 10'inches pizza
  • Pizza price varies between ₹295 to 495. But here is the catch.
  • They give regular offers like 30%off on everything and ₹199 for pizza of the day and few other payment offers.
  • Choco lava is for ₹79
  • They also give some free gifts sometimes like nutrition bar or key ring.


  • Delivery is quick and sometimes they deliver within 20 minutes too

How to Order:

Note:-Its available only in Mumbai , Bangalore and Pune right now.

  • You can order via official Mojo pizza app.
  • Or, you can order through Zomato which provides exclusive delivery service for mojo pizza.


  • Its the best is only thing i would say.
  • They have multiple crust options too.

Only 1 Complain :

  • You are only in select cities. Please expand your service you have good product and whole India/world should know it.
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