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Magicpin Review

Magicpin (Detailed review)

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Who doesn't like free food offers. And if u are reading this and read my blog regularly or follows me on instagram you are a big foodie and you would definitely love when i tell you there is an app using which you can have food at your nearby restaurants or clothes at nearby shops or electronic items or groceries at 50%,75% or sometimes 100% off. Not only this you can avail many other offers too which i will tell u in later part of article.

Note: This is 100% correct info because i am a user and using magicpin since 8 months and earned around Rs.8000 so far. So, don't think it of as fake and this is not a paid promotion.

Magicpin App

Yes this is the app, "magicpin" which does magic and wonders for you.

What is Magicpin app and How it works?

It is an app available in play store  and which you can download on your android or iphone. 

On magicpin app first earn points by:

  • You have to first earn magicpin points by uploading bills.
  • To upload bill click on claim icon and then search the shop name whose bill you want to upload
  • you can upload any kind of bill where name of shop is printed.
  • You have to upload the bill along with your selfie(you can make post private) and important point is to upload bill inside outlet/shop only.
  • On uploading your bill and selfie you get upto 50% cashback(upto rs. 50/100). Percentage of cashback and upto amount changes daily and with time.
  • Once you have collected enough points you are ready to redeem them.
  • 1 point = 1 Rs.
  • You can earn points by referring app to your friends upto rs.300.

How to redeem magicpin points?

  • You can redeem magicpin points at different magicpin partner outlets near you and their outlet not only contain restaurants but different garment shops, grocery shops, salon, electronic shops too.
  • Go to redeem section in magicpin app
  • Find say, restaurants near you
  • There it is mentioned when was magicpin used last in the restaurant. If it says please call before visiting then please call and ask if they are currently accepting magicpin,
  • Now when you click on the restaurant then you will know how much discount magicpin is giving at that particular restaurant.
  • If the discount is 75% then when you purchase voucher offRs.100 then 75 points of magicpin is used and rest 25 has to be paid via various payment methods avaiable(paytm, phonepe, googlepay, upi, debit/credit cards, paypal, ola money etc.)
  • After buying voucher it can be seen in transactions in account tab.
  • Now go to the outlet. Show the voucher at bill counter and redeem voucher infront of person at bill counter.
  • Enjoy your food/clothes/grocery etc. at 75% off.
  • You can also use magic points to buy vouchers of flipkart, amazon, uber etc. at 10% discount.
  • There are few other online places to redeem points like grofers, etc. but i haven't tried them yet. 

Magicpin referral code:

  • Use PUBM4455 as referral code or click here  for magicpin app to get instant Rs.70. This is my referral code and you can atleast use my refrral code and let me also earn some money for writing this article. Thank you!
Is magicpin true and safe?
  • People don't believe that this exists. i would say to them this is true as well as safe and company is not at this for loss.
  • Outlets where you use magicpin gives comission to magicpin and some more deals are their which is legal and not bad.
  • Basically , this is an app to encourage people to use offline things and go to restaurants instead of online ordering.
  • As, i have been using it for long time i can give few tips.
  • you get maximum cashback on friday , saturday, sunday between 11a.m-1p.m and 4p.m-6p.m
  • First redeem voucher when you visit outlet then eat because sometimes things may not be on your favour for some unforeseen reasons afterall this is just an app.
  • A target is given every week and if you earn that much points in a week they may give you free vouchers like i won Rs.100 uber voucher last week.
  • Magicpin is increasing its network daily .
  • You can upload bills now at even small cities.
  • You can redeem them in many popular cities all over India.
  • Soon, it may cover your area if it doesn't currently.
So, guys use magicpin and enjoy !!

For any doubts or queries just write a comment i would surely reply and try to help.



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