Friday, 6 September 2019

Gelato Italiano Ice creams || How to get in low price?

Gelato Italiano ice cream at lowest price

You must have heard of gelato italiano if you are into ice creams. Well, if you don't let me tell you its a big ice cream brand like baskins robins and it serves one of the best flavours of ice cream.

Usually the price of gelato icecream is somewhere between 59-99 for single scoop. Costly??? Right!!

Well let me tell you today how to have that special ice cream scoop for just ₹ 19 . Yeah, that's right and its not a spam or anything wrong. Its an offer run by company itself which not many people are aware of.

Let me tell you every month a new flavour of ice cream is launched by the company and that particular flavour of the month ice cream can be enjoyed for complete month and at very low price on some specific dates.

Note: All offers are for flavour of the month ice cream only.

  1. Best offerOn 1st of every month flavour of the month ice cream is available for ₹19 (single scoop) , ₹30 (double scoop) and 150 (tub).
  2. On 11th of every month flavour of the month ice cream is available for 150 (tub of 450 gms).
  3. On 14th of every month two cones of ice creams are available at just 89
  4. On 19th of every month flavour of the month ice cream is available for 129 (family tub) .
So, what are you waiting for set your remainders for dates and enjoy delicious, lip smacking and amazing ice cream flavours at such cheap prices.

Gelato Italiano at cheap price

Here are past few month's flavour of the month:

  • Sep,19 - Choco cream (one in the pic above)
  • Aug,19 - Choco Mocha (coffee with chocolate)
  • July,19 - Italian Chocolate
  • June,19 - Orange Jelly
  • May,19 - Classic Mango
  • April,19 - Cookie Crumble
  • March,19 - Silk Chocolate
  • Feb,19 - Classic Strawberry
  • Jan,19 -  Anjeer Coconut



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