Friday, 27 September 2019

Belgian Waffle co. || Bangalore

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We , review restaurants multiple times based on different food or cuisine we try there as we believe that all restaurants has something good to offer.We review food and place in simple words keeping it simple and to the point.

So, this time we are reviewing Belgian Waaffle co., which is a roof top italian restaurant waffle/dessert chain and here we are reviewing their new Bel road , Bangalore outlet .

Food: 4/5
  • We have tried waffles many times there and almost all are goof
  • Triple chocolate waffle is very good
  • Red velvet is also good
  • Their cold coffee is just the best...its miraculously tasty
  • Try their waffles with icecream and they taste even good
Price: 3.5/5
  • Waffle are priced around Rs. 140
  • Cold coffee is also for Rs. 140
  • Extra icecream for Rs.50
Belgian-waffleAmbience: 4/5
  • Its small but nicely decorated
  • Feels good
Overall: 4/5
  • Little heavy on price but no comparison food 
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