Sunday, 11 August 2019

Red sauce pasta

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Pasta is an Italian dish but we Indians like to make it in our way and it is really appetizing. We mostly make three kind of pastas i.e. red sauce, white sauce and mixed sauce pasta. Today's recipe is about red sauce pasta.

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"Red sauce pasta"Or "Arabiata pasta"


1. Pasta - 1 cup
2. Tomato -2 medium sized
3. Sweet Corn*
4. Onion(प्याज़)*
5. Capsicum(शिमला)*
6. Garlic(लेहसुन)*
7. Masalas:-
         1. Black salt(काला नमक)- 2tsp
         2. Black pepper(काला गोल मिर्च)- 2tsp
         3. Salt(नमक) -1tsp
         4. Chilli flakes
         5. Oregano
         6. Red chilli podwer(लाल मिर्च) -1 tsp
8. Refined Oil(तेल)
9. Tomato sauce
10. Cheese*(optional)


1.Take water and boil it.
2.Add pasta/macroni to it and add pinch of salt and 1tsp oil.
3.when pasta is boiled drain water and keep aside.
4. In a pan add 1 Tablespoon oil and heat it.
5. Add all veggies you want like sweet corn, capsicum and saute it and stir it for about 3 minutes in high flame. Keep it aside.
6. Now take pan and add little oil and tomatos , garlic and onion into it. Saute for 2 minute on high flame.
7. Now, turn off flame and let it cool for 1-2 minute and then put it in mixer and make a paste.
8. In the pan take little oil and put all the paste. To it add red tomato sauce.
9. Add salt, black salt, black pepper powder and little red chilli powder.
10. Now add the veggies you kept aside along with oregano, red chilli flakes and boiled pasta.
9. Mix everything nicely.
10. Grate cheese and turn of gas.
11. Serve it hot.