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Rajasthani food

Rajasthani Food
Rajasthan is a state in western part of India and Rajasthan is famous for its rich vibrant and traditional culture and food. But if we come to its speciality , the food that we can find in every home of rajasthan in daily life then we will find us with some ample options available. Rajasthani food is pure veg and Rajasthan literally has 56 bhog(saying in India) in thali(plate) when served. They have spicey starters and drinks like jaljeera, chach(buttermilk) followed by mouthwatering sabjis which is their speciality like gatte ki sabji and kadhi. They lots of pickles (literally many varieties) and different papads. Then comes the sweet dishes and my mouth is already watering while writing this article. Today, we will just talk about them but soon i will try to add recipes of all of them. Stay connected and do comment and connect with us on instagram and facebook.

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Let's talk about them:-

1. Daal Baati Churma -  Baati is royal and most famous dish of rajasthan. It is like litti of Bihar only thing is its not stuffed with sattu or anything and is served with spicey daal and together they make deadly combo.
With daal baati churma is served which is a sweet dish and is basically wheat flour dough after frying and churning and it is very delicious.
All three of them makes a perfect combination and a really heavy diet. Have it for dinner and nothing in this world can stop you from having most peaceful sleep.


2. Gatte ki sbji - Famous and very delicious gatta is made from besan(pulses flour) and then gravy is made from tomato and with lot of spices and masalas it tastes very good with roti.


3. Bajre ki roti - A different kind of roti made from bajra(millet) which is preferred in Rajasthan.

4. Sangri - it is something which grows on trees and mostly in arid region of Rajasthan. It is used to make sabji and it has an important place in Rajasthan thali.

5. Kadhi - kadhi is salty and spicey dish which is made from curd and it is present in every other night's dinner. It has dipped pokadas or mangori(rajasthani item) or chilla(made from besan) or chilli or plain or many other things. It is very very yummy and can be seen as alternative to daal(pulses).

6 Pyaz kachori - not a pure rajathani dish but very popular in some cities like kota. This is stuffed kachori and can be eaten with sabji or chutney.


7. Keria ka aachar - ker grows on trees which is used to make very tasty pickles and is famous among rajasthanis.

8. Sweet mango pickle( meetha aachar)/ lungee -  made from raw mangoes and sweet in taste can be found in every rajasthani's or marwadi's house.


9. Ghevar - mouth watering, delicious sweet made from all purpose flour above which rabdi(made from milk) is applied and some pista and keshar.
It is must have sweet.

Rajasthan was a royal place of kings and rajputs and their food is also royal. When people wonder about what one can have for variety in vegetarian dishes just explore rajasthan for both food as well as travel and you will be mesmerized, delighted and happy to eat Rajasthani dishes .

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