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What utensils to use in different modes of microwave oven?

Utensils used different modes of microwave oven

To see meaning of different symbols in plastic utensils go to end of article.

We are often confused about which material utensil to use in ovens and which not. Well, you have to take care for different utensil to be used when working with different modes (micro, grill or convection) in same microwave oven. This article will explain all about different type of utensils you can use and read this article till end. If you have not read article on different types of microwave oven then read my article HERE.

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1. Micro mode: This is the mode in which you cook in microwave or reheat food items. This is the only mode available in a solo oven and one of the modes available in convection microwave oven.

Utensils you can use:



  • Never use anything in micro mode which has any metal part in it.
  • Only use utensils which has written microwave safe(MWS) or has its symbol which we will say in later part of article

2. Grill mode: This is the mode in which you grill paneer,chicken or sandwiches in microwave. 

Utensils you can use:


2. Convection mode: This is the mode in which you bake items. You can use all items here which you use in grill mode + silicon moulds also.

Utensils you can use:


Meaning of symbols used in plastic or any other utensils:


1. Food can come in contact with utensil.
2. Dishwasher top rack safe.
3. Microwave (micro mode) safe.
4. Freezer safe(will not destort or will not effect food).
5. Plastic can be used only once and then throw( like r.o water bottles).
6. Plastic can be used again.
7. Plastic used for other purposes not in food.

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