Sunday, 25 August 2019

Kitchen Tips

10 important Kitchen Tips

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  1. Use little sugar while preparing green vegetables. It will help green vegetables retain its colour and lusture.
  2. If you are preparing potato chips at home, then after cutting potatoes keep them in cold water for half an hour . It will help to make chips crunchy.
  3. While boiling anything first bring water to boil then add ingredient . This will insure faster and even boiling.
  4. While frying anything sprinkle little salt in oil to prevent splashing as well as less oil is absorbed.
  5. Before using paneer first put it in boiling water for a minute. This will make paneer soft and then you can use it even without frying.
  6. We often see cut apples become reddish after sometimes. Well sprinkle little lemon above it to prevent it. Don't use too much lemon as it can destroy taste.
  7. You can clean sticky dirt anywhere using bleaching powder and brush.
  8. Put some salt in mixer jar and use it. This will sharpen blades of mixture jar.
  9. While making cakes use measurement cups and tools as it is necessary for ingredients to be in perfect quantity for cake to be perfect.
  10. While preparing Palak paneer, boil palak for perfect dish . Also, boil veggies before making bhaji for pav bhaji as it will help you mash it easily.


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