Monday, 5 August 2019

Indian Food


Indian food has always been the most loved and vibrant food of world. Not only Indians but every one likes Indian food.The spices and variety is what makes Indian food unique. Every state or it would be better to say every city in India has its own different and unique food item and we call that food speciality of that particular place.
Yes, its true that we can get every kind of food in all places in India still some food items remain unique like rajasthani (dal, baati, churma) , gujrati (dhokla, khandvi, thepla), bihari(litti chokha, kachori jalebi),south indian dosa, idly, delhi's chole bature and the list goes on.

So why not we learn about all different types of food of India and know about their uniqueness.
We shall learn that in my upcoming blogs.

But before that we shall something more about Indian food.

You know what other than these Indian food items India is also famous for adding Indian taste and flavours to different food from world.

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For example:-

  1. We add Indian spices to pastas(which comes from Italian cuisine) and make it as per our taste .
  2. We make momos in different ways which nobody would have though in other Asian countries.
  3. We have more than 100 different different types of dosas including chinese ,american choup suey dosa.
  4. We add Indian flavours even to chinese paneer chillies, manchurians and noodles.
  5. More than half of Indian assume noodles to be maggi(viz a brand).
  6. We have burgers, hot dogs as well as dabeli, vada pav , misel pav and pav bhaji.
This list is endless and instead of making you bored with a long article i would like to keep it short and similar articles will be posted more and more and we would explore more about Indian food.

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