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Gujarati food

Gujarati Food

Gujarat is a state in western part of India and Gujarat is famous for its diamond, bussiness, saree and food. But if we come to its speciality , the food that we can find in every home of Gujarat in daily life , the food that rule not only in Gujarat but other parts of India as well then we will get a good long list with us. Gujaratis likes their food to be sweet and most of the items their has sweetness may it be any snacks. i think you all shall be keen to know about some very famous foods of gujarat. So, come lets know them today. Stay connected and do comment and connect with us on instagram and facebook.

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Let's talk about them:-

1. Dhokla-  Dhokla is king of all gujarati food. It is famous all over India and it is very tempting and good for evening snacks or morning breakfast.
It is made of rawa or chana flour(besan) and it is very spongy. It is usually served with mustard or Coriander chutney or tomato and chilli sauce.

2. Undhiyu - undhiyu is a sabji which is mostly made in winters. it names comed from 'undhu' which means upside down because traditionally it is made by keeping it low and fire is given from up with help of a pot. It has mixed vegetables in it. Gujaratis love this a lot.

3. Khandvi - A kind of snacks which resembles dhokla. It is made from besan and yogurt. It is yellow coloured and rolled in cylindrical shape. It is salty unlike dhokla which has sweet taste. It also served with chutney or sauce.


4. Khakra - it is kind of crunchy chapati. Its made from wheat flour and has some masalas in it. It is crunchy like papad and is eaten generally with pickles. It is mostly eaten as breakfast with masala tea.

5. Thepla - it is a kind of chapati or paratha in general language. It is eaten for breakfast or lunch and is made from wheat flour,methi and besan all mixed with spices and tastes very nice and healthy.

6 Dabeli - Gujrati burger in one word. It is buns filled with potato stuffing and special daveli masala, some peanuts, pomegranate and sev. It is a street food very popular in gujarat now due to its popularity its available in other states of India as well.

7. Fafda Jalebi - A very very tasty and mouth watering snacks or breakfast item which is now available at many other places in India. It is basically fafda(besan snacks fried in oil) with jalebi( a famous sweet). This combination is deadly or shall i say very foodly.


8. Shrikhand -  Shrikhand is a sweet dish which is like lassi made from curd. It is filled with many dry fruits and is mostly eaten with puri.

Gujarati dishes are sweet and heaven for our sweet lovers who likes everything to be sweet(even daal is made sweet there) and that's not odd because it really tastes good. Next time you go gujarat try to taste all its special items.

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