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Bihari Food

Bihari Food
Bihar is a state in eastern part of India and Bihar is famous for its desi food and tasty sweets. Rice is every house's lunch here. But if we come to its speciality , the food that we can find in every street of Bihar or every sweet shop in Bihar then we will find us with some ample options available. Today, we will talk about them but soon i will try to add recipes of all of them. Stay connected and do comment and connect with us on instagram and facebook.
Let's talk about them:-

1. Kachori Jalebi - The typical breakfast of Bihar. You can visit any sweet shop in Bihar and we are almost sure that you could see fresh and hot jalebis coming out of oil. Jalebi is very famous and cheap sweet in Bihar. You can easily get it for 4-5 RS. It is made of all purpose flour(maida) and in Bihar it is served with Kachori and aloo ki sbji(potato vegetable).
Kachori is made from wheat flour and you can have complete breakfast of 4-5 kachori and 2 jalebis at about 20-30 RS. Its cheap and delicious. Next time You visit Bihar find yourself a delicous breakfast at the nearest sweet shop.


2. Litti Chokha - Even if u visit Bihar and you missed litti chokha then certainly you missed whole essence of food in Bihar. Bihar is known for litti chokha. Litti is made from wheat flour and stuffed with sattu(made from ground pulses and cereals) masala and is roasted and grilled in oven or coal(nowadays its not used much). It tastes just .......(well i am not getting a word made for it) with chokha(smashed potatos and brinjal and mixed with onions and masalas).
Try this and you will never have enough of it.

3. Tilkut - This is a unique kind of food item avaiable in Bihar. It is sweet is taste and it is eaten mostly in winter because it is made from til which keeps stomach warm.
It is made from different white or black till with sugar or may be jaggery and it is made in diffetent shapes and styles. It is nowadays made in many varieties and all of them are equally good. 

4. Lai - One more winter snack of Bihar. It is made from puffed rice(mudhi) or flattened rice(chura) by binding them together with jaggery. It is also sweet in taste and is very tasty and crunchy.


5. Sattu - It is the cheapest and most used and most useful food of bihar because it can be taken in many ways and it has a lot of protein so it is daily food of all our labours.
It can be taken directly by adding water to it and making dough like or it can be used to make juice or it can be filled in chapaati or in litti stuffing or in many other ways.

Coming to sweets,

6. Balusahi - It is a famous sweet made from all purpose flour and fried and dipped in sugar syrup. It is soft and looks like doughnuts in shape but i guess even more tastier.

7. Malpua - malpua is a famous sweet which can be made in multiple ways and basically made from all purpose flour only. 

8. Sahitoast- A sweet which is good both in terms of look and taste. It is made from chenna(made from milk) and its is layered with cream. A Must have sweet.

Bihar has numerous other sweets and even inside Bihar every place has its own unique way of making things differently and naming it differently. But one thing remains common and yeah that's the wonderful taste of everything.

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