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Best Water Purifiers , 2019

Top 3 Best Water Purifiers India, 2019

Water purifier is major need in today's scenario as fresh water is one thing that can never be compromised and there are too many options available today when we go to market. So, which one should we buy and what features should we see. Don't worry this article will let you know top 3 ones to lessen and narrow down your confusion and then you can pick one and can click on its image to go to buy link.

First i should tell you that there are three major purifying technique i.e 

  • RO(reverse osmosis) (For high TDS)
  • UV (For low TDS)
  • UF (For low TDS)
Another important thing you should know is :
  • Keeping TDS (a way to measure purity of water) of water around 300 is perfect.
  • And, lot of water is discharged while purifying which can be used for other purposes like house cleaning, utensils washing. So, NEVER WASTE WATER.
And nowadays most purifiers comes with all of them along with mineral booster technology which maintains taste of water.

And now we should focus on this article which is meant to tell about best 3 water purifiers . Just know your need and go for one.

Two things with which you should not compromise:

  • Water tank capacity (if electricity supply is less)
  • Good Brand to ensure good after sale service (because on an average a water purifier need annual service worth ₹ 3500).
  • Warranty
1. KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF Water Purifier - range 15k

  • Kent is most trusted brand and provides best water purifiers for India.
  • Good capacity of 8 Litres
  • Low power consumption - 60 watt
  • Can work nicely for even water of high TDS of 2500
  • warranty -1 yr
  • Free service - 3 yrs
Why Not?
  • No water level indicator
  • Kent service is little costly (around ₹ 4500)
2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS - range 9k

  • Eureka is a sub brand that comes from well known Aquaguard
  • Average capacity of 7 Litres
  • warranty -1 yr
  • Cheap(big difference)
  • MTDS feature maintains mineral and taste in water
Why Not?
  • No water level indicator
  • No free service 
  • Higher wattage - 230Watt
3. LG Puricare WW150NP RO + UV Water Purifier with Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank - range 18k

  • L.G is world's leading brand in home appliances
  • Good capacity of 8 Litres
  • Filter Change Indicator
  • Very Low power consumption - 40 watt
  • Stainless steel tank(better than plastic)
  • warranty -1 yr
  • Beautiful look
Why Not?

  • Water not visible only tank full indication
  • No free service 
  • High price(around 3k for than kent)

Hope this article served the purpose . Main difference between all of them is price and so features very to some extent. Choose your budget and select one of the three mentioned above.

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