Thursday, 15 August 2019

Best Kitchen Tools and Appliances , 2019

Best Kitchen products in India all must have

  • So, this is one of most researched page of our blog which has been made very carefully and a it took a lot of time for this. 
  • Here, we have listed almost all the good kitchen appliances , tools that one should have in their home. 
  • All the products mentioned here are best in their category as per various parameter.
  • We, have reviewed all appliance as well as provided their buy links.
  • List is constantly updated and items are added and replaced when needed.

Large Appliances: 

1. Best Microwave oven 

2. Best Refrigerators 

3. Best Washing Machines

4. Best Water Purifiers

5. Best Kitchen Chimney

6. Best Air Conditioner

Kitchen Tools:

1. Vegetable chopper  -   Best chopper which is already used by me and works great and makes our work very easy.

2. Knife set - Thy this product by pigeon a well known brand. I hope you will like it.

3. Measuring cups and spoons - A very necessary product that one should have because most recipes follow them and it helps put ingredients in perfect measurement.

4.  Grater and slicer -  This is a good product by brand Ganesh and this is good for grating all types of vegetables as well as slicing them. There are multiple blades and even vegetable peeler is provided.

Small Appliances:

1. Mixer Grinder Juicer One of the most important appliance in our kitchen and though you could get it for less price but i suggest to go for good one because this is a daily use product and it should be a good one. Go with prestige.

2. Sandwich maker/ Griller - This is only to make sandwiches and you can avoid it if u like bread toast or you like pan sandwiches or if u have microwave oven.

3. Toaster - This is good if you like just toasted bread with butter or tea.

4. Hand Blender - When u want to mix or blend a paste or want to make lassi or shakes or make batter or any such small work you would not want to use mixer all times. It is like a handy mixer at low wattage consumption. First one is cheaper but comes with single blade and second one has 3 blades and also it is of prestige but little costly. Choose as per your requirement.

5. Induction Top - This is for someone who need a little quick cooking and doesn't wanna use gas flame or want to install it temporarily when gas connection is not there. This one is by prestige. Don;t go for lower rate ones as they break soon.

6. Electric Hand mixer/ beater - This is mostly for beating cream or making smooth batter. It is only useful if u bake many cakes otherwise blender is a better choice.



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