Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Burp || Pasta || Bangalore

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We , review restaurants multiple times based on different food or cuisine we try there as we believe that all restaurants has something good to offer.We review food and place in simple words keeping it simple and to the point.

So, this time we are reviewing Burp , which is a roof top italian restaurant in new Bel road , Bangalore based on its italian i.e. pasta.

  • we have tried three different pastas there.
  • red sauce pasta / arabiata pasta is below average. Red sauce has peculiar taste which doesn't taste great.
  • Fettuccine pasta is type of mix sauce pasta with lot of cheese. Some may like it some may not . Average.
  • Alfredo/ white sauce pasta is yummy. I can say it because i had it three times and it was good everytime.
Price: 3/5
  • Everything was priced slightly high and i guess u can have alfredo/arabiata at 175 each and fetuuccine at 225.

BurpAmbience: 4/5
  • Place is beautiful and best part of it.
  • rooftop and has both open and closed area.
  • Feels cozy
  • They have big television and can provide books and you can ask for games like uno.
  • Selective food items in menu are really good like white sauce pasta, hotdog(will review later)
  • Menu is pretty big 
  • Service is fine
  • Some changes needed in some food items taste
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White sauce / Alfredo

Red sauce / Arabiata

Mix sauce / Fettuccine


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